Rally's API

By leveraging Rally's robust APIs, you can create applications and integrations that stand firmly on the foundation that Rally provides. Our range of APIs ensures your store has functional capabilities at every operational level. This includes crafting unique apps and integrations with Rally, designing your personalized checkout flow, and even building your own connector to another platform.

Understanding Platform Connectors

Think of a Rally Connector as a translator, converting data into formats understandable by both Rally and the Platform. Moreover, the connector should retain Platform authentication values per Merchant/installation and minimize processing to prevent becoming an operational bottleneck.

Ideally, connectors should refrain from storing order or product data, and always pass that information directly to Rally's APIs.

Rally connector

Basic Steps to Construct a Connector for Rally

Creating a bridge between Rally and any Platform is a simple process, involving only a few critical steps. Below are the essential steps for a successful Platform integration.

Connectors act as data translators

Connectors aim to store only the minimum amount of data needed to establish a connection between Rally's APIs and the Platform. Most likely, this won't extend beyond per Merchant authentication keys.

1. Establish a Partner Organization in Rally's Admin

This action enables you to create a new App under the category Platform Connector and obtain the Rally API key necessary for Authentication and HMAC calculation.

2. Register all hooks via the API

To keep the Platform updated about changes to your orders, customers, and products, all connector hooks must be registered through Rally's API.

3. Add a cart button to your storefront

The button is part of the Rally SDK and takes care of the initiation of the checkout session. The session can be initiated with a platform-specific cart id or bare line items. Once initiated with the required data, the button will redirect to the Merchant's URLs. This happens behind the scenes through direct communication with Rally's API when the shopper clicks the Checkout button. This button is fully customizable and stylable.

4. Incorporate a connector into the Platform

In essence, the connector serves as a transformer/adapter between Rally's API and the Platform, working bidirectionally. This requires handling both incoming data (e.g., Product data, WebHooks, etc.) and outgoing data (e.g., syncing Orders into the Platform).

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